skateboarding music

Music and skateboarding go hand in hand. Every skater has his or her own favourite bands and songs to follow and listen to while skating. Whether it is to pump themselves up before hitting a local park, or to soundtrack their life in general, many bands have targeted the skating community because, as we mentioned earlier, skating and music have a long relationship. 



MXPX have been a fixture in the music industry for what seems like an eternity. This punk band from Bremerton, Washington produces music ideal for skateboarding. Some of their more famous tracks include: ‘Punk Rawk Show’, ‘Running Away’, and ‘Middle Name’.



Many skaters have worn or - at the very least – seen jackets with Dogwood patches on. Even though they are not exactly up there in terms of popularity and commercial success, the band from Escondido, California have a cult following in the skating community. Their music tinkers the line between moderately heavy riffs and fast paced beats, as heard in songs such as ‘Building a Better Me’ and ‘The Good Times’.

Guns N’ Roses


No skateboarding music list is complete without Guns N’ Roses. The band from Los Angeles, California are so famous, that even after close to four decades in the business, many still consider them a marketable group. So much so that upon their reunion, there was a Guns N’ Roses digital slot game created by UK-based gaming providers Slingo. Now in terms of their iconic, high-octane tunes, skaters have been revelling in the likes of ‘Paradise City’, ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, and ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ for years.

Fall Out Boy


If Guns N’ Roses proves to be a little too “old” for your liking, then a relatively young band such as Fall Out Boy may be more right up your alley. In general, their pop-punk songs have such good rhythms that they can get anyone in the mood to hit a half-pipe. From earlier tracks such as ‘Sugar We’re Going Down’ and ‘Dance, Dance’ to new ones like ‘Young and Menace’, Fall Out Boy sure know how to keep listeners intrigued and pumped.



CKY, formerly Camp Kill Yourself, have a reputation in the skateboarding world. Not only do they play sick music that encourage skaters to hit the half-pipe with reckless abandon, they also have a close relation to pro boarder Bam Margera. The former MTV star’s brother, Jess, is actually the long-time drummer of the band. As for their music, songs like ‘Days of Self Destruction’, ‘Hellions on Parade’, and ’96 Quite Bitter Beings’ are amongst the most recognised.