How to get more YouTube video views using LocoSportsTV

LocoSportsTV was created with the intention of helping early stage talent in the action sports industry.  These days when social media profiles and view count are key consideratins for sponsors, new riders have to do everything they can to promote their content.  Unfortunately this can require large promotional budget if you want to quickly see a dramatic jump in your follower and view numbers, and young up and coming riders are are rarely flush with this sort of cash.

LocoSports offers help at no cost.  We allow our users to embed their videos (actually we use the video URL not the embed code) onto our video platform and to help promote it to our action sports community of likeminded people.  When your video is watched on LocoSportsTV then YouTube also registers the view on their platform.

To help get the maximum views for your video on LocoSportsTV make sure you get a few votes on your clip to keep you near the top of the MONTHLY BEST EDITS on our home page.  If we really like the edit we will share it on our Facebook page too which is followed by over 40,000 enthusiasts.