We commit to not use uploaded video content by our members for any marketing purposes other than in conjunction with the author (ie: we promote you and your content together).


Please Note - Videos must be less than 128 MB

Loco Sports Limited (hereinafter Loco Sports) accepts entries from all global  locations.

  1. The Loco Sports monthly sponsorship package is open to everyone worldwide with no entry fee.
  1. All videos submitted must be of or by the profile owner, and have the permission of the athlete(s) in question.  Loco Sports will verify winning videos.
  1. All videos must be relevant to an action sport.  We do not accept entries that intend on failing or purposely endanger the participant without relevance to performing a recognised sport.
  1. Videos must have at least one tag of either equipment or gear in the video to qualify for Loco merchandisen rewards.  If the database does not recognise your kit then select the closest equivalent available, or type in a product manually.
  1. The monthly Loco Sponsorship offer to the most popular video closes at midnight GMT on the last day of each calendar month.
  1. Entries may only be submitted once to the Loco Sports website.
  2. Each individual entering competitions is to have no more than one account under the Loco Sports user interface.  Those suspected of running multiple accounts to artificially generate more votes will have their accounts suspended.



  1. The main business of Loco Sports provide a platform for videos exhibiting your action sport skill and ability.  We do not accept videos that are not related to sport, including any act that has more emphasis on putting someone in serious danger of injury or death rather than performing a particular skill recognised within the action sports community.
  1. Loco Sports Limited holds no liability for any injury caused during the filming of any material uploaded to the website.
  1. To enter your videos each user needs to register on the website and upload at least one video having agreed to the Terms and Conditions.
  1. Applicants commit themselves to communicate only exact, real and sincere information.
  1. All videos must respect the terms and conditions.
  1. Each competitor pledges that he is the sole owner and author of said material entered, and has exclusive right and authority to submit the same to the Loco Sports competition upon the terms and conditions stated herein.  Loco Sports are free of any responsibility in case of contesting with regard to the image reproduction rights and\or the copyright by third parties. Loco Sports are free of any music rights infringements consequences, including the deletion of the videos on YouTube.
  1. Each registered user whose video(s) is (are) uploaded gives to Loco Sports an irrevocable licence to use the video on the LocoSports.TV website and its associated social media channels.  Loco Sports does not hold the right to sell or distribute user videos, unless specified by the user.
  1. Winner selection procedure - Each video is voted on by the other registered users of the LocoSport.tv website.  Whichever videos have the most votes at the close of the month midnight GMT will be a winner subject to the Terms and Conditions.  Winners will be included in the Hall of Fame page on the website.
  2. Sponsorship is not transferable and Loco Sports keeps the right to substitute the offer for an item of similar or different value.
  3. Waiver of any recourse - Each competitor wishing to compete will have to respect all the points of the present competition rules.  In case of non-respect of the competition rules, Loco Sports reserves the right to cancel the entry.
  4. Registered users commit themselves to refrain from taking any contest against Loco Sports.
  5. Rights & Data Protection - Personal details relating to you may be data-processed in compliance with UK Law
  6. Members earning Rewards via sponsorship packages and Loco Stars are not to expect to receive the same item twice over.  LocoSports for example will not provide an action camera twice to the same member. Where appropriate Loco Soirts will substitute with other goods, not necessarily of the same value.


Declaration & Acknowledgement

I intend to enter multiple Loco Sports video competitions and in consideration thereof: 

  • By entering the Loco Sports video competition I acknowledge that I have had the opportunity to read, and that I understand the Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them.
  • I consent to the collection and retention of my personal information by Loco Sports.


Acknowledgement of the risks of extreme sports

I understand that by registering with Loco Sports I intend to enter video competitions performing extreme sports exposing me to a risk of death, becoming permanently disabled or suffering some other serious injury and I acknowledge that should any serious injury occur, the dominant cause of any serious injury will always be my voluntary decision to take part in a high risk activity.

  • I have read the above and acknowledge that my participation in any Loco Sports video competition is entirely at my own risk.


For Participants Under Age of 18, Declaration of Parent, Person with Parental Responsibility

The parent/person with parental responsibility of the Loco Sport registered user, hereinafter referred to as ‘my child’, accept that my child may participate in the aforementioned video contest.  Parents acknowledge they have read and understood the “Acknowledgement of the risks of extreme sports” which appears above and appreciate the dangers inherent in extreme sports which include the risk of death or permanent disablement.