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Since our launch, we've had great clips from the guys, but where are all the ladies at?!?!


Every day we see epic videos and photos appear of guys partaking in extreme sports, so much so that via social media it's the norm to find your daily fix.  What we don't see so frequently however, are the charging capabilities that are unfolding within the action industries from the fairer sex but, it is happening and a few sports that come to mind for shredding beauties is Kiteboarding and Wakeboarding.

On beaches and cable parks worldwide women are taking to these sports like ducks to water and even those doing it for pleasure alone are wowing spectators basking in the sunshine.  Go Pro's and iPhones are common and many a great clip has been captured with these user friendly gadgets so why not share yours with Loco Sports TV. 


If you are stumped for ideas why not draw some inspiration from some of our favourite girls.  Pro Kiteboarder Colleen Carroll (USA) and friend Dominique Granger took a trip to the Philippines to kite and ride cable, catching up with Local kiter Paula Rosales along the way.  Indeed the video is filmed in a magical location and they are all awesome riders, but that's not to say that you too can't do something similar in your home spot.

Click below image to open clip in VIMEO:

So, whatever your sport, go ride with your girls and be sure to share the fun with us.  In the meantime, sit back, watch 'Like Oh'  and get motivated by these fun loving women that shred.


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