If you like the look of our Loco Sports gear then there is only one way to get your hands on it - You'll have to earn it Loco style.

We dont sell our mint caps, slick T's, or embroided hoodies - so we don't care if your Donald Trump or The Dude, if you want to get geared up your going to have to upload some action sports edits and get votes from the community.

If we see someone wearing our kit then we know they have got some skills, and will represent the Loco brand.  They'de probably be the sort of person we'd enjoy having a beer with and talking crap about action sports.  We like the idea that there will be no desk jockey skate hating lardy ass mofo's wearing our gear thinking it makes them look good while they talk about how mental they are because once a year they get on a mountain bike potter around the local national park.

You dont have to be Kelly Slater or Tony Hawk, you just need to get involved and start uploading and the goods will follow!