The website is free to use and carries no subscription obligations or hidden costs.  Despite the substantial development costs and ongoing site management requirements we believe in providing a free resource for all enthusiasts to enjoy irrespective of geo-location and demographic.  Extreme sports are a fantastic unifier of cultures and people, often taking place in remote corners of the earth, so the team here are keen to make it as inclusive as possible.  In order that we can cover our operational costs we use two revenue streams:


Elite athletes can have their sponsor’s logo/banner included in their profile page and all their video pages, so that all their viewable material is branded with their sponsor.  This adds value to their profile as well as allowing for highly relevant and targeted advertising for their sponsors.


When a user tags their equipment in their videos we provide an image and link through to a strategic local retailer able to sell product to the visitor.  These links are direct to the shops, and in the event of a sale generate an introductory fee for Loco Sports.  The fee does not have any influence on the price of the product, which will be at their fixed shop offer rate.  We have to the best of our ability chosen to work with retailers personally known to us, who have an excellent track record in the UK an Europe.