Electric Skateboards have always been on my wish list of Toys I would one day own, but I’ve always held back from committing.  Whether it was the idea of a Bluetooth controller signal going AWOL sending me hurtling to certain death on the route to work, or the idea of lifting 15KGs into the local pub and trying not to look like I’m finding it heavy, I’ve never quite got comfortable with the idea of blowing a $1000 on something I might not enjoy as much as my inner child thinks I will.

This all changed when I saw the ONEWHEEL.  It is certainly different.  I am more of a snowboarder and surfer than a skateboarder, so it had immediate appeal when likened to the those experiences.  It also does not rely on Bluetooth, rather responding to your weight placement to accelerate or brake.  The GoKart tyre will handle those street slabs and curb mounts with ease so you don’t feel or sound like you are riding over rivets.  Addmitedly the battery does not last for as long a distance as other electric skateboards, but then this is not really a skateboard, more a ‘something new’.

Onewheel Kickstarter (Official Video)

I may be a fool but they got me.  I have paid my deposit and am awaiting delivery in…….November…..I hope my inner child has not grown up by then!