Here are some tips on his local kitesurfing set up by one of LocoSportsTV's favourite riders, Marc S. Pedersen (check him out here:

Kitesurfing in Denmark is as everywhere in the world growing every year and with more than 7,000 km of coastline in such a small country, we have easy access to all kinds of sea, lake and fjord from mainland or the 75 inhabited islands.

The Danish kitesurf community is mainly gathered on, where we discuss everything from spots, tricks to video gear and surf vans, share stuff, buy and sell gear.

3 Danish surfers have gathered info and created a huge spotguide on where you can see all officially known spots in Denmark. Each one with info about wind and water conditions, hazards, place to park and so on. It’s mostly in Danish, but Google Translate will help you with that.

Getting in touch with other surfers

The most common way to plan a day on the water is through the different Facebook-groups. “Hvor surfes der” is Danish for “where do people surf?”. All groups are a ready to help in English and help visitors to choose the perfect spot for a surf trip to Denmark and the best spot for a given day.

Jylland - hvor surfes der
(Planning surf day to day in Jutland)

Jyllands kitesurfing forum
(General kitesurf group and planning surf day to day in mainly Mid and West Jutland)

Nordjylland - Hvor surfes der
(Planning surf day to day in Northern Jutland)

Fyn - Hvor surfes der
(Planning surf day to day on Funen County)

Hvor surfes der ♒
(Planning surf day to day on Zealand)

Hvor surfes der - gruppen med børn
(for groups with children)

Surfers media - Del dine billeder & videoer
(see and share video and pictures)

Surfers activities - Surf events

Kitesurfing DK Debat - Ordet er frit
(talk about all kitesurf stuff)

Just some of the most popular spots

Northern Jutland:

- Læsø
  Check the best flatwater kitecamp in DK: Læsø Kitecamp in week 39
- Nibe
- Gjøl (at the end of Fjøjlsanden, 9440 Aabybro)
- Egense
- Dokkedal
- Asaa

- Løkken
- Blokhus
- Klitmøller (The world famous Cold Hawaii! :) )

Mid & Southern Jutland:

- Ahl
- Øer
- Handbjerg Marina
- Bork Havn

- Skødshoved
- Psycho Reef
- Backyards


- Sydvestpynten
- Amager Beach Park

- Ishøj
- Landerslev

But choose a group above and ask the locals for the best spot for either flat or waves, and what works on that specific day. They’re all keen to help!

Kite surf at day - couch surf at night
In need of a place to stay for a couple of days? Try couch surfing at Danish surfers who opens their homes for other surfers:
Surf Riders Couch - Surfers Only

No wind? Here’s our cable parks


Aalborg Cable Park
Rapsgade 4
9000 Aalborg
Tlf. 23 69 07 11


Dayz Resorts Rønbjerg
Livøvej 80
DK-9681 Ranum
Tlf: +45 78 79 25 62


Gytjevej 15B
DK-6960 Hvide Sande


Copenhagen Cable Park
Kraftværksvej 24
2300 Kbh S
Tlf: 32969290

Feel free to contact me for further information and contact to surfers and places in Denmark :)