Loco Sports are delighted to have UK Pro Skateboarder James Threlfall  join our team of Loco Ambassadors.


Following the release of the first Tony Hawk Playstation game in 1999, James instantly became hooked on the concept of skateboarding. Fast forward 6 years to 2005, at the age of 12 he finally took the step to purchase his own skateboard, and from there his love for the sport never faded.
Picking up footwear and drink endorsements at 15, James moved swiftly to become a rising name on the UK circuit. Following years of endless hard work, at the age of 18 James was invited to become the first ever skateboarder to represent British action sports clothing brand, ‘Animal’, who have since named him “one of the country’s most progressive skaters”. At the age of 20, James now represents a solid number of sponsors that back his riding.Through skateboarding, James has also been able to pursue other talents in the fields of presenting and writing, becoming the host of events such as the annual ‘Wiltshire Skate Series’, founding the successful online urban lifestyle magazine, ‘Forecast’, and in 2014 gaining his own web series with Animal,‘Landscapes’."

You can ask James any questions in our ASK A PRO Section of LocoSportsTV