Loco Contest winner extreme video

At LocoSportsTV we are all about our members, guys and girls risking it all doing crazy stunts just for fun, especailly the contest winners! We thought we would find out a little bit more about our May 2014 Winner Hello Lucid, AKA Bryce VL!

LSTV: So where are you from?

Originally I'm from California but I've been living in Hawaii the last couple of years. It's pretty rad.

LSTV: Tell us about your video that won the contest...

Flips of faith was shot at this unreal location off the Pali highway in Oahu, we thought it would be nuts to go doubles so we bust out the camera and did it! I think it turned out awesome. 

LSTV: What is your favourite other video on LocoSportsTV?

I would definitely have to say Marshcade's skateboarding video. The kid can rip. I think it won last month right? It had my vote.  

LSTV: Haha!!!! He is your brother right?  Love it - nice blood promo.  Can we expect to see more from you?

Oh for sure, I've been stacking some insane clips! 


LSTV: What are you going to spend the $1000 on?

I love filmmaking so most likely more camera equipment haha. That and rent haha. 

A huge thanks to Henry and Loco Sports. Seriously you guys rock!! 

LSTV: Nice dude, stay Loco!