In the growing world of action sports, it is increasingly hard to find brand support as a talented amateur, or skilled up-and-coming rider.  Competition is hot out there and budding athletes are sculpting not only their riding skills, but also their image.  Many have gained success through competition and others by recruiting large followings through social networks, a move that is not to be underestimated.

With so many new social networks coming along every month, it can be hard to choose which ones to support and how. Rarely do we come across a network or community that gives back to those involved and who helped to grow and raise its profile.

Loco Sports, is motivated by the idea to support and reward amateur and up-and-coming action sports athletes with a passion. Our aim is to give the opportunity to gain support regardless of your level, skill or profile in a fun and creative way.

Every month we run a competition to find the freshest movies and clips, displaying the most skilful, challenging and loco tricks. The athlete or producer who receives the highest combined number of Skill and Loco stars, will receive a one year sponsorship offer.

If you're into action sports, we want to see what you've got! Girls, guys, groms it's time to get involved and help build a genuine authentic action sports community, that supports all who are involved and the ideas that it stands for.

To get started, sign up HERE.  If you need a bit of inspiration, why not watch sponsorship winner Chris Bohm in action, he's Loco!