Best Skate Parks in Ontario

A big thanks to our Loco Sports Rider AJ Struthman for putting together a solid guide to the best skateparks in Ontario.  Check out AJ's shredding videos here :

There are many skate parks in Ontario Canada that range in all skill levels for riders.  A lot of parks aren’t huge compared to most of the parks in the United States, Europe and Australia, but we do have our fair share of nice ones that could cause riders to turn green with envy. The trip between these skateparks is usually a fair distance, making it hard to go to more than one of your favourites in a day. 

Living in Toronto, Ontario for college has let me experience a lot of skateparks around the area. Some of my favorite Canadian parks are both indoor and outdoor but due to the extreme cold  & snow in winter we don’t have the leisure of riding outside year round.

In Ontario there are outdoor & indoor skate park’s I recommend to visit if you are planning a visit to the great white North!

Woodstock skatepark – Parkinson Road/Southside Park, Woodstock, Ontario.

Woodstock skatepark is a beautiful skatepark, well poured concrete making the park smooth and versatile to any type of rider! The park features a street side and a park side, on the street side you will find long ledges, flat bar, grind box, 4 stair set and 8 stair set with rails in the middle, banks on each side of the sets leading to a quarter pipe. On the park side it features 3-quarter pipes, spine, curved wall, roll in, pyramid, step up, fly out and an up rail. This uniquely designed park is very fun and well worth the visit!


Markham Skatepark - 8600 McCowan Road Markham, Ontario

Markham skatepark is probably one of the nicest outside skateparks around Toronto. It’s suggested intermediate to expert skill level of riding. The features of this 15,000 square foot park features fun boxes, stairs, flat banks, ledges, walls, and rails, the park's defining feature remains its 6-foot bowl along with a 6ft spine.
Pro competitions and demos are usually held at this magnificent creation of a park.
A lot of people fluidly enjoy this skatepark because of the smooth ledges and buttery rails, this park is a must ride if looking around the Markham area!



Chingcousey Skatepark - 9050 Bramalea Road Brampton, Ontario

“Ching” as the locals call this 15,000 square foot park is also a very high quality landscaped park. The city of Brampton takes pride in this beautiful park as it features are very unique and different obstacles from most, a pump track a slanted manny pad, various gaps and quarter pipes that lead to a massive 10 set of stairs with rails, block set, boxes/planters all round. This park ranges from all different skill levels being a place to learn and a place to take out the camera and get some crazy footage! 

Thanks to Scott Lloyd for this photo.



Port Elgin Skatepark - 701 Tomlinson Drive, Port Elgin, Ontario

Not a lot of Canadian’s even know about this gem. But it couldn’t be a better tourist attraction on a hot day and to hit up the beach afterwards! This park is a beautifully constructed 13,000 square feet and is never busy; the park has a professional bmx race track right beside the park giving the best of both worlds. The park features a fantastic concrete picnic table, pole jam, 6ft to 5ft quarter pipes, four block ledges and rails for every style and skill level for a rider. A curved Bowl and a fun box, Yes concrete fun box! The parks unique design will let you ride for hours with endless possibilities. Although It’s a must go to park, it is hidden in Port Elgin Northwestern Ontario but, absolutely worth the drive!




Norton Skatepark - 3040 Tim Dobbie Dr, Burlington, ON

This Banger of a skate park comes costing the city of Burlington, Ontario $500,000. The park features lights that come on at night illumining until 11:00pm every night May through September reverting back to 9:00pm October through April. This park lets you hear bearings sing as cruising around this very impressive smooth park. This park features various comfortable stair sets with a round rail on one side and a square rail on the opposite side perfect for learning, 5ft quarter pipe snake run, up ledge, island with roll in to a very nice step up to the main deck of the park. All-round this skatepark is a magnificent riding ground for beginners to expert riders the flow of the park is very nice with tons of lines to be created!


 White Oaks Optimist Skatepark – 560 Bradley Ave, London, Ontario

London Ontario’s newest addition to there 1 of 11 skatepark’s in the area but this $340,000 beast is their best. Every rail and ledge is made to perfection and waxed by the locals. This beauty sits more southwestern Ontario which makes the park less busy than most Toronto parks, if anything nicer than most! The park features a ridiculous 8 set mellow rail with a 3 set step up, smooth hubba and crazy manny pads all around the park. In the middle of the park is a mellow pyramid on the right is a crazy 13ft “V” square rail and on the left is another “V” ledge on the opposite side, a 5ft quarter and various kickers. This parks endless ability’s will have you riding all day long, Fantastic new park in the region of London.



Indoor parks Around Ontario! Keep scrolling!
(All indoor parks require a Helmet!)

Joyride 150 - 150 Bullock Drive, Markham, Ontario  Entrance:$28

Joyride 150 is an only bike facility located in Markham, Ontario they have everything that a beginner to advanced biker would need to become one of the best in no time! The park features various pump tracks, resi box jump to resi quarter, Foam pit, small, medium and large box jumps, vert wall, step up, spine, halfbowl, complete street section, hitching post and north shore trials featured around the park! Joyride has 3+ sections to the park making it hard to get really busy! The park was made in 2009 and is still the talk of Ontario.


Inflow Skatepark – 1 Head St, Dundas, Ontario   Entrance $15
Inflow skatepark has been around since 2007, beginner to intermediate riders who are learning the fundamentals of the sport. This is not a professional huge park but it can be very enjoyable the first time around! The entrance to the park features a pro shop for all Bmx, scooter, inline skateing and skateboarding repairs, along with a sitting area and upstairs view of the park. Inside the park features a street section and two box jump sections to the park, various vert walls, A frame rail, The park has tons of flow to it letting you ride for as long as you want with no down time cruising all sections of the park.


All in Skatepark 36 Main St, Zurich, Ontario  Entrance 20$

All-In skatepark is 30,000 Square feet of pure fun! The park has a pro shop in the entrance to the park, selling bmx and scooter parts they also have a website online to order directly from the skatepark. ( Around the pump section opens up a sliding door into the skate park. The wood park features several box jumps, quarter pipes, step up, mini pipe and Ontario’s first resi that can be ridden by anyone! This park has so many lines that can be created by a viewing area on top of a huge roll in into the box section of the park. 2013 this park was built and is just blowing up over Canada!


CJ’s Indoor skatepark 60 Horner ave, Etobicoke, Ontario  Entrance 20$
CJ’s Skatepark has been the most active indoor skatepark for skateboards and scooters for the past couple of years, No Bmx. CJ’s location is just outside of Toronto making the park very popular. CJ’s Pro shop is the best for skateboards and everything a skateboarder needs to progress in the sport from hardware, pads to complete skateboards and tons of clothing. This 28,000 square foot park has one of the only foam pits permitted for skateboards, scooters and inline skaters. The park also features a 12 Foot vert ramp, street section with boxes, rails and stair set, mini ramp section ranging from 3-6 feet (bowl & half pipe). Air-conditioned gaming lounge with six gaming platforms, an upper deck viewing area of all sections of the park! It’s great for first timers and hold skate training camps year round.


Again a big thanks to AJ Struthmann, make sure your vote up his videos for some Loco Stars!

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