Loco Sports is a video sharing platform connecting riders with their favourite action sports & venues.


To share your videos just drop in your Youtube url from your video (it needs to be uploaded on Youtube first).  Any views on your video on our website will be added to your YouTube account.


We have put up video share pages for skateaparks, snowparks, MX tracks, bike parks, wake parks, surf spots and many more!  If a spot you know is not listed just email us at info@locosports.tv and we will add it.

Our mission is to create a space where riders of all skill levels can share their edits from their favourite spots to compare lines, tricks and skills with their friends and locals.  We throw in a bit of friendly competition by offering top rider rewards for each venue.

The more stars you get on your vidoes the more swag we will send you.

Our equipment tagging function when you upload videos is designed to create unique content where viewers can see what gear is being used in the edits of their favourite riders.

You can also hang out in the forum, where comments posted are linked to profiles so you can see if a comment owner's skills match up to their chat.

As we see it we are the grass roots user's own platform giving something back to global tribe of action sport enthusiasts.